Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Coast + Christmas

I had wanted to go to the coast for Drew's and my anniversary in May, but it looks like most everything is booked for where I want to stay. I then thought maybe I would schedule something a little after Drew's birthday in June, but there aren't a whole lot of days available, and with baby fodder, I'm just not too sure how likely I am to want to really go- I think getting set up in a baby routine might be more important- and Drew doesn't really care about it as much as I do. So that leaves me with potential Christmas time.

There's still room available at my new favorite place in Glendeden over Christmas. I also honestly don't see us having the money to fly or drive to Utah or Cali for Christmas if I'm not working that year. This would give us a chance to go have a fun time without breaking the bank.

So my question is, is anyone interested in joining us before I book it? That way I can get a more rooms for more people.

Anyway, it's just a thought. Drew's not completely sold on it, so who knows what'll happen. Let me know if you're interested though!


rachaelhubbard said...

For Christmas day proper, or just over Christmas break??

I'm *interested*... but I don't know what my employment will look like next year either! :(

Maddy said...

well, I was thinking that whole week! I just don't know what size room to get. If people come and go, that's all cool, but I don't want to get a bigger room than I have to.

Monica said...

I don't think we can do it over Christmas! But we might want to come visit the area sometime next year! What is the name of the place you go? Do they have a website?

Maddy said...

There's a whole bunch of places on the coast, but the main one that I'm currently in love with is <---there :)