Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everybody!

This year, for Easter, I didn't even get a lump of coal. I must have been a bad girl. The Easter Bunny sent me to the store to get his eggs, and they were ALL GONE!!!!! THREE different stores. I was so sad. Whoever bought those last Bunny Eggs and didn't save any for me was a very, very, very, very selfish person- and I don't like you. Now Easter will NEVER COME! Thanks a lot. Oh, and p.s. stores- NO ONE LIKES THE CARAMEL ONES, SO STOP STOCKING THEM!

I suppose I should give props to Jesus though- he is pretty awesome. He did some pretty magical things, and I think he should try out for the Quidditch team since he's obviously very good at magic. Thanks for being so great, Jesus!

Now back to eating Peeps cause everyone knows how much we American's love to devour tiny little chicks on Easter!

**You know what's pathetic? With these pregnancy hormones, I almost CRIED at the store because they were out of cabury sad is that?!


Tamara and Jonathan said...

Your food choices frighten and confuse me. I've always been afraid to try a Cadbury egg because the inside just looks so... gross! And I have also not ever had a Peep (Peeps?) because in general I try to make it a rule to not eat food that is 100% man made. Remember how awful polyester was? Same principle. You go with your bad self!

Maddy said...

LOLOL Cadbury eggs are delicious! You don't even have to cook them! LOL And peeps- SUGAR is natural, and they're LOADED with it. HAHAHAHA :D :D :D