Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Goodies

I haven't gotten my computer fixed yet, so my blargs are fewer between than I'd like. So here's some catching up--

  • We have a new pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is scratchy and he lives under our neighbor's shed!!! Drew finally got a picture of him a couple of days ago:

-he's a RACCOON!!! but I think he's gimpy :( which makes me sad.

  • I had a baby shower with everyone at work on Friday. I cannot believe how awesome all those ladies (and a few gents) are! I think everyone in that school showed up to show their support and eat cake! It was wonderful! I'm so glad I know all of them and they seem to like me enough to come hang out with me for an hour on a work day! So if any of them read this, THANK YOU!!!! I have quite a few thank you cards to write as well! Wowee, we got some great stuff!
  • I got these awesome little hanger divider things at Burlington Coat Factory today. They have these little stickers you put on them to divide clothing into newborn, 3 months, 6 months, etc. up to 8T so that you aren't searching everywhere for clothes to fit. I saw this on someone else's blog about a year ago and thought it was the most brilliant idea ever! I had been looking for them since we found out we're having a chunker, and finally found them today! I'm pretty excited! I now have them spaced out up to 12 months in the closet right now! hooray! I only have 2 newborn things, but I doubt she'll be in those very long, so that's ok, right???
  • I went to the doctor on Monday and he said that I'm measuring to have about a 7lb baby. My immediate thought was- what the crap is all this 'OTHER' weight for?!?! I am DOOMED! But surprisingly, he didn't harass me about the weight gain! I was so glad! I finally remembered to ask why they always check for the heartbeat down by the left side of my pelvis and he said it's because the baby usually hangs out on the left side and kicks on the right- and sure enough- that seems to be the norm on me, too! I don't think I have ever felt kicks on the left side of my stomach. It's usually down on my bladder or cervixs, up in my ribs (ouch!) and on my right side- ALL over the place, oh, and in front, too. So that was kind of neat to know. He says everything sounds good. The next time we go in, we'll have another ultrasound to make sure chunker is where she needs to be for D-Day! - I think she is though since I have some nice morphing going up by my rib cage!

  • Speaking of morphing, and since there seems to be no more room (except jabbing in my ribs) I get quite the entertainment after school from watching bums and knees and legs roll around my stomach! It makes me laugh!

  • I also saw this lady at Old Navy today, and overheard her say to someone that she's due in 9 days. This woman was GIGANTIC!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. If my stomach gets that big, I will seriously bawl every single night. I honestly have no idea how she's doing it, because MINE hurts and I still have 7 more weeks! So cross your fingers for me everyone! I promise I won't complain about the dreadful acid reflux at 2am that chokes me every night so long as my stomach doesn't get that big!
Okie dokie, I think that's about it for now. :) Less than one Mexico left before sweet "little" girl will be here. And a scary thing to think? NEXT month Me, MADIFERINA JAXON will have a BABY!!!!!!!!! I sure hope it turns out ok! lol


Shel said...

7 lbs is all? Really that isn't very big. Granted you were only 6 something but dude...7 is NOT very big!
You look great though and I like your new pet. Just don't let Kenzie visit, he likes to chase them with the car.
What gifts did you get at your work shower?

Maddy said...

Yeah, I guess I was 6lbs 13 oz. For some reason I kept thinking it was 7lbs 13, but I just wasn't thinking about it.

CRAP! I think Kenz it coming down for Drew's graduation in 2 weeks. I better warn Scratchy!!!

I got a ton of bath towels, clothes, socks, blankets, burp cloths, a baby tub, toiletry things, books, and a swing! I'll send you a pic.

Shel said...

Just think, little Jimmy was more than 7 and a half pounds! Jimbo Jr and I were almost 9.
Hehehe about Kenzie!
That is great about the gifts! You have some good friends and thanks for the photo.