Thursday, May 21, 2009

PHEW! What a week!

This past week was one of the longest, most tiring weeks of my LIFE! Here's the run down:
  • Baby shower with church friends on Thursday- very awesome, and such great people!!!
  • Friday- I spent 6 hours decorating cupcakes. I had told R. I would do the cupcakes, and I went a bit overboard on decorating. I told everyone that if they wanted them for their own, I wasn't going to make them! hehehehe Maybe just sharks instead!
  • Saturday- Had a family/friends baby shower- once again, wonderful people that I love to death!!! Since everyone was in town for Drew's graduation on Sunday, we did dinner as well. I didn't realize it was so time consuming to feed so many people! wowee! My feet/ankles were so angry with me.
  • Sunday- Drew FINALLY graduated from Law School! I was so excited for him!!! There's such great adrenaline/energy at graduations! Even with lame, boring speakers, it was still a great experience. Now he has a higher degree title than I do again. Dang. I guess I'm next for a Ph.D. Too bad it'll take a while for me to forget the grueling commitments that darn Masters took! After the ceremony, we headed back to our house and had a BBQ with the whole family, which was great fun. I'm gratful for all the help I got with that one!!!
  • Sunday also happened to be our 7 year anniversary, but we had previously decided to celebrate that this last Wednesday rather than on Sunday. So on Wednesday, we went out to lunch, went and got our last ultrasound before little girl is born to make sure everything was going well, and out to dinner. It was a nice day. It was also nice to take a break from work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes, it's nice to leave the kids and not have to worry about them for a little bit. They seemed to have had a good time, too. :) As for the ultrasound, it looks like everything is go for launch! Thankfully it seems as though my genes have taken over on baby size rather than the Jackson genes- for which I am EXTREMELY thankful!!!!! (7-7.5lb baby vs. 9.5+lb baby). My only concern? Where the crap has all this other weight come from!?!?! I also DO NOT like this water retention game. It isn't funny.

So I guess that's about it. summarized like that it seems to have no been so bad, but going through it was grueling. Sunday night I was thinking how nice it would be to go back to work to get a break. hahahaha I have never felt that way before!

I also started washing baby clothes and blankets. It seems so weird to have it so real. We also went and bought a playpen/bassinet for out bedroom on Monday with some gift cards we had. Drew set it up "just in case" and it's so weird to have that hanging out in our bedroom as well. Crrrraazzzyyyy

What were we thinking!? I can't believe there's a little more than 4 weeks left. Please tell me the stomach doesn't get much bigger?!!? PLEASE!?


Rachael said...

Oh my dear Maddy... you are ADORABLE! And, from an outside perspective... you seem SO READY for this baby girl to come into your lives! :) You are going to be a FABULOUS Mom!

I'm so happy for Drew! :) Yaaay him! Maybe I'll go get my PhD, too.... hehehe!

Brammer Family said...

You DID have a busy week! Whoa!

But it was busy fun and that kind of busy is good. :)

Your cupcakes are pretty darn cute! You have quite the talent there!

Random side note: I need your address :)

Monica said...

I need your address too! Unless you'll be having a Utah baby shower. :) Congrats on all the fun stuff happening--baby doing well, Drew's graduation, wedding anniversary!