Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

We've been having our delightful Spring Break this past few days.  Elisabeth and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with one another.  I've been pretty happy with our time together.  The older she gets, the easier it seems to entertain her.  I'm also grateful she'll watch Winnie the Pooh while I take showers. :) She'll have to teach that to a younger sibling someday!

This week we've been pretty low key.  We've (meaning I go, and make E tag along) gone to the gym, get cleaned up and do things.  One of the days we went up to the Children's Museum in Portland with one of my friends.  We went grocery shopping another day (I know this isn't fun, but just being able to hang out with my wee one and have little conversations is awesome for me), and we've done a lot of playing at home.  It's been pretty rainy, so outside time has been at a minimum unfortunately.  While Elisabeth has been napping, I've been re-organizing our attic.  It was a disaster. You could walk in, turn around and walk right back out. You couldn't move anywhere.  Disaster.  It's about 95% done. I have a pile of things I need to bring down and either sell or just donate to Goodwill.  I wanted to wait for Drew to be home so that I didn't have to haul them down the stairs by myself, cause handing them down is so much easier for everyone.  I think we'll do that on Saturday when he isn't exhausted from work.

 Really, she doesn't just eat cookies.  BUT Cookies+Elisabeth=smiley pictures!=totally worth it!
 We had a cuddle on the floor :)

 Drew showed E how to pull cereal out to "snack" on a while back.  She dumped this out while my back was turned with raw meat in my hands.  She was so proud of herself. I had to take a pic before I cleaned it up.

 see! She eats tatoes (strawberries that she insists on calling tomatoes) oh-els (oranges) :)

 She'll cuddle with you if it means she doesn't have to take a back...but really, once she's IN the bath, you can't get her out.

 Playing in the water room- she would have stayed here the whole day if we let her.

giant light bright!

and lastly, my before and after of the attic (at least a small portion) -forgive the quality, I didn't bring my camera up, so they were done with my phone in poor light conditions.


Michele said...

Your attic looks wonderful! Nice jarb.

Ben's Mom said...

Doesn't spring break go by so fast! We have been wanting to go the the Children's Museum. It looks like you had fun.