Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have parent teacher conferences this week, and spring break next week.  We don't have any traveling plans for the week since Drew's vacation time is a bit more limited than mine.  Since I'll be home for a short while, I'm going to go pick up some storage shelving from Lowe's this weekend and work on trying to organize the attic a bit.  Let's hope it helps because it's a disaster up there right now.....too much baby stuff. I'd go so far as to saying at least 65% of it is baby clothes+infant equipment (stroller, rocker, bouncy saucer,etc) - I'm kind of excited for when I can get rid of it, but right now it just seems silly to have to re-buy them in the future.

I got my beautiful camera back from Seaside yesterday! I was soooo happy.  I didn't realize I had so many pictures on there that I hadn't downloaded yet. I'm so glad to have that back.

So updates on us:
Elisabeth is learning new words and phrases faster than I can remember them.  She is a sponge of knowledge, and I adore her.  She is the light of my life.  She loves to cuddle, and probably could never get sick of me singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (I know, she's crazy!) She's obsessed with strawberries, but she calls them 'tomatoes'- but really it sounds more like 'turtles'.  She could devour a pound of them a day- maybe more...I haven't given her the opportunity to do so!  She can count to 10, sometimes in order, sometimes skipping numbers. :) She likes to pretend to count in sign language...I love seeing her little fingers going all over the place.  She loves singing her ABC's and X is her favorite.  She loves to watch Max and Ruby and rock in her little rocking chair.  I absolutely love the little lady she's growing up to be.

Drew has been working hard. I appreciate the fact that he can take off at various times to help out with scheduling conflicts. I like his flexibility that way. His work is pretty redundant and stressful, yet he handles it very well.

With me, I think my job is safe for now (keep your fingers crossed)! I've been working really hard at the gym lately with running.  I purchased the 10k program on my phone since I completed the 5k one. I was able to run 45 minutes without stopping(first time ever!) (an incredible feat in and of itself in my opinion considering what my legs have gone through!).  Last week, I decided to push it a little further.  My runs have been about 15-18 minute intervals with 1 min in between x3.  I decided to run through the breaks and last week. Once I had run a solid 5 miles (first time ever as well!)-I decided to see if I could do 6.2miles (a 10k) and I was able to!! I'm a slow but steady runner and it took me a little over 72 minutes, but the fact is, I did it, and I didn't struggle, and my legs are still perfect! It's amazing what stretching consistently and good shoes can do for you! I'm 1lb away from my lowest weight as an adult, and I don't plan to stop there. I'm proud of myself and what I've been able to accomplish in a few short months. Life is good

 She's so good at tricks ;)
Family pictures are getting trickier and trickier

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Michele said...

That is SO awesome about the running and weight. GOOD JARB!!