Friday, March 18, 2011


I found this interesting, so I wanted to share it with others in hopes of enriching other's lives as much as I hope it does with mine.  So it was suggested to me yesterday that when I want to eat food, but I know I'm not hungry, that some need is not being met.  Since we have 5 senses, try out another sense rather than taste and see if it helps curb the initial reaction.

Sight - I am now on a quest to make sure I have beautiful things to look at throughout the day.  I decided last night that as long as I'm in the same classroom next year, I'm going to paint this summer to make it a happy place for me.  My home is relatively good that way, but I've been itching to paint something (I just can't motivate myself to go through with it.).

Smell - Since I spend a majority of my day in the classroom, I think I'm going to go to Bath & Body Works and pick up a few more room scent sprays.  I love the 2 I have and realized I don't use them near enough.  I need variety, and I thought this would be a perfect way to increase my smelling sense!

Sound - I think I do a fairly good job of this one. I listen to upbeat music while I'm at the gym. I'm probably damaging my ears, but sometimes I think, the louder it is, the faster I go. LOL

Touch - this one is a little trickier.  I went to bed last night thinking of my sheets and how much I love them.  I also love our bed, it is like a giant marshmallow!  I also need to do a better job of going and getting massages since our insurance covers them.  I need to remember to get hugs often as well, cause sometimes the eating that comes from insecurity could be remedied with just a simple hug.

And lastly, Taste- if I really DO want something, I won't deny myself, but what I DO choose to eat will be high quality, and eaten slowly so that I can enjoy every single part of it.  I would be crazy to down a box of expensive chocolate without savoring every little drop!

So there you have it- my new stimulate other senses in attempts to rid myself of the habit of always going to food for comfort and safety.


Suki said...

I've never thought of that before. Thanks for sharing! A balance of the senses makes perfect sense. (haha... no pun intended. really!)

Michele said...

Or just sit in a box. That usually works for me.

Monica said...

Good advice! My friend and I do this yoga video where at one point the woman says, when you reach for food, what are you really hungry for? It might be food but it might be a nap, laughter, or downtime. Very true, I think...

Jen said...

Decided I would actually start leaving comments. That's a great idea! We'll try that over here. Oh, and that chocolate looks like it should come with a velvet rope and a guard.