Friday, January 14, 2011

Where have I been?!

Where have I been you guys?! I realized I hadn't posted in almost 2 weeks.  That's not like me at all.  I've become obsessed with Frontierville.  To the point that I need to stop making it a priority, which is hard for me to do.  I don't let go of things easily....especially games I like playing.  When Elisabeth was born, I seriously had a sad few days when I realized that The Sims just wasn't a realistic game I could play anymore (I feel you have to play for a couple straight hours for it to be any good).

So what else? I've decided I need to do a better job of spending more time at the gym.  Since I broke down and rejoined after Thanksgiving, I needed to make sure I used it, so I've been doing M-F for 1-1.5 hours a night.  This pretty much takes up my night.  We put Elisabeth to bed, I go to the gym, shower, check my email (I don't even delete anything until Saturday, so it's ridiculous), play a little frontierville, read a few pages and pass out.  I'm pooped.

I also realized that my amount of pictures has significantly decreased.  It's just too dark and rainy outside for us to play, and I feel like our life is so set in a routine, it's boring for the pictures to pretty much be the same. Oh well. :)

I also learned that our school district is going to be short 2-4 million dollars this next year.  If they're short 4 million dollars, there's no way they can really even open the doors...You can't run a school district on 44 teachers. It just won't work.  So what does this mean?  The 2 things they've been discussing is mass layoffs and/or going to a 4 day week.  This means that I'm either going to (maybe) lose my job, or get a 20% cut in pay.  If it's a pay cut, fine. I can handle that.  I will be upset if I get the boot though...especially if I'm jerked around like the last time I got "the slip".  So needless to say, this week has been a bit crummy.  I'm glad it's over.  I'm glad for a 3 day weekend.

How's work?  Work is hard.  Some days I don't know why I'm even working.  The kids this year are rivaling my first year teaching, and I even have more tricks up my in a sense, they might be worse!  It's a good thing the few and far between kids make it worth it.  The good years make it worth it...I'm at 50% right now. hahaha I'm excited for June. :)

Drew is still kickin it.  He's working hard, and figuring out how to get his firm to go paperless.  He cleans the kitchen and opens drapes so that when I get home it isn't dark and dreary.

Elisabeth is working on toilet training.  She's very interested in using her cute little potty chair, and gets the concept well.  She likes going and feels very proud of herself when she's successful.  She just has a difficult time remembering that's what she wants to do!  We aren't forcing it on her, but rather letting her lead the way.  She's also getting down several words daily.  She's been putting 2 word sentences together the last week too.  It's amazing how quickly she's growing up.  Pretty soon I'll be telling her to be quiet and go to her room! lol


Suki said...

I blocked all game apps on my Facebook.... every time I see a new one, I block it. I totally get the point where priorities get a bit wonky!

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