Monday, January 24, 2011

OK, NOW for the pictures

 Look at them!!!!!! It only took 19 months, but it was worth it!

 Bubbles! She screamed when I peeled her away. Next time, we'll be bringing a change of clothes, and going to this room LAST

 Open, shut them, open, shut them!

 Running around in the safari room

 Slides! We even went down the giant slide that's taller than a house!

 She LOVES seeing planes and birds in the air, and we always get her OOOO face from it!

 Loving the swings!

 She's a good chess player.

 Choo Choo!!

Our treat on the way home: Burgerville Chocolate milkshake...but really, it's a smoothie cause that has no fat, and 45% fewer calories. ...that means it's healthy :)


Faith said...

It would be healthy if the shakes didn't have 500 thousand calories. 45% of 500 thousand is still a lot of calories. ;) Stupid Burgerville crack shakes.

Brammer Family said...

Love the Ooooo face & the 2 cute piggy tails!! :D

Amie said...

I love the piggy tails! There is something about pig tails, overalls, and feet jammies on babies and toddlers - SO Cute!

Michele said...

I do hope someday E is able to find her birth parents so she can see from where she gets her looks.

Tamara said...

haha, I LOVED this post!!!! Elliecakes is the BESTEST!!!