Saturday, January 29, 2011


I know every mother/father/aunt/uncle/grandparent/etc. are smitten with their little ones.  I'm no exception.  I think she's just the bees knees.  Look at how cute she is:

 What's with my child wearing a hat you ask?? Cause normally hats+Ellie=bad news for everyone.  Well, she realized it had "poop" on it, so she had to have winnie the poop with her. :)

 Our future attorney (not shown- she's wearing papa's shoes)

 Look at my little mama!!! She put her little frog named "Rrrrrriiiiiiiii" aka ribbit, and her bunny aka unnnnyy! to bed, lied down next to them and held froggy's hand!!! I was in love!

 Giving froggy another kiss goodnight.  She'd kiss them both, lay them down, pat them gently and say, "Night, night." - go off for a bit, lay down next to them and then repeat. 

Admiring her love of frog! <3 Hy heart is full :)

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