Monday, January 24, 2011

Gilbert House

We went to the Gilbert House on Saturday (A.C. Gilbert invented the erector set). I didn't think Elisabeth was old enough to appreciate anything until about now, and even now, she still has several years to grow into some of the exhibits there.  I won't lie, I was really excited to go not just for her, but for myself too.  I love playing with the bubbles, and light room, the slides, everything!  I've only been there once before when I was in Grad school.  Our professors took us there to give us an idea of a place to take kids on field trips.  I'm glad they did because I had never heard of it til then.  We had a really good time, and I'm sure Elisabeth would have stayed longer if they weren't closing.  I think we're going to buy an annual pass so we can go during the summer.  It also includes OMSI as well as a few other museums.  I could go to OMSI  (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and Gilbert House every week if I wanted!!! Hot diggity!!

The other great thing this weekend?? Elliecakes's hair was long enough to put in piggy tails! She screamed while I put them in, but they stayed!!!! :D  I'm pretty excited for getting to do her hair more often!

......Pictures are going to have to wait. I'm apparently out of space...again.... this is lame. I just deleted a years worth of scrapbook pages, shouldn't have have been enough? :(

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