Friday, January 1, 2010

Show And Tell

I played with my photoshop shtuff while we watched Night at the Museum 14 and made a scrapbook page out of the fun snow pictures I took a few days ago. I know they aren't NEW pictures, but you have to give me time to find something new and different to take pictures of! hahaha anyway, I thought I'd share with you what I've done!

I sure hope I get faster at this, because at this rate, I might finish pages when I'm 234.51 years old!!

*I made some minor alterations to this one from yesterday


Allison said...

So cute!!!!!! Good thing you have good material to work with - such a cutie you've got there!

Michele said...

These are SO cute!
Did you still not like Night at the Museum? Was it the second one? I haven't seen the second one yet.

Maddy said...

Thanks Allison!!!

Shel, Night at the museum was cute, I just haven't had the attention span to sit idly through a movie lately.

Tamara said...

OMiGosh!! I love it!! SO cute!!!! And I am loving the new blog layout... where'd you find it? hahaha, just kidding... I am glad you found such a cute new one, because I just do not have the mental energy to come up with a new layout until, like, Valentine's day. : )