Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of my friends posted a blog about how she isn't going to post only the happy moments in her life, that life is real, and with it comes disappointment and she isn't going to be afraid to write those stories either. Immediately after reading that, it reminded me of church today, so I thought I'd share my feelings.

Today during sacrament, one of the young men were being awarded with some scouting medal of which the name escapes me. Anyway, the bishop had pointed out that the colors on the container, and the medal itself were of significance. He said that when the church was first started, Joseph Smith had designated gold and green as the church colors. He also said that the church even had a flag. Sitting in the back of the building, Drew commented that the hymn books are also green and gold. coincidence? I think not!

Anyway, the rest of sacrament, I kept thinking how creepy weird it was that they had "colors" and a flag. And I wondered why it had been phased out so much. I also wondered why I have such a problem in accepting things of my faith that I wasn't aware of until now- like this. It's not like having official colors or a flag, or anything of that matter is really a big deal on either side- in fact, it has little to no consequence for me. It just weirds me out for a little while and makes me a little grumpy- like why wasn't this disclosed growing up to know these things about the faith in which I belong to?

So instead of making a stink about it, I am working on accepting it- that's what faith is partially about, right? Especially since it doesn't matter. I did however look up what the LDS flag looks like, and I guess you can buy them! Interesting.

I guess I'll just stick to my unhappiness at how the Sunday school system is run and how developmentally inaccurate AND inappropriate it is for children and teenagers.

I do love my faith though. I was reminded today of the peace and blessings it brings into my life. I also have to remember that since it is a work of God, THROUGH men, that mistakes are to be expected, that they can't get the children's lesson plan books perfect without a lot of trial and error. I just need to be patient and know that eventually they'll come around.

In other non-related news, I have a fun video of miss elliecakes growling and making very messy raspberries. This is what we do with our free time in our house. :)

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