Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh My Little Squishy

This is Miss Cakes at 6 months

This is Miss Cakes at 7 months. We had to drop the crib- I'm getting paranoid about her newfound mobility ideas (she hasn't taken off yet, but I feel it's a matter of weeks).

Drew and I are watching The Invention of Lying- we're only about 20 mins in, but it's been pretty funny- I'm enjoying it! In the meantime, I wanted to post some fun pictures of the last week or so.

I also wanted to express my thankfulness and gratitude for my family's and my health and safety. There was an unforseen cirsumstance that Drew's coworker is going through that really opened my eyes and humbled me immensely. Remember to tell those you love that you really do love them, and tell them often.

She is adoring clapping

Shel, this one is for you ;)

We were playing with headbands and she figured out how to take them off. Dangit!

Computer love

She *had* been sitting up playing with things, but she pulled her little gym toward her and landed on the pillow behind her, and you can see where the gym landed. I had to take a picture before I fixed her. hahahaha


Michele said...

The computer photo is one of my all time favs now! And thank you for the flower photo. I had no idea she could sprout things from her head like that.
Rick is hoping you are saving for her therapy now.

Michele said...

I sure with I could squish her more often!