Monday, January 4, 2010

Couldn't Help It

I was going through some pictures today to try to decide what to do next with scrapbook pages. I have a friend that is selling some awesome onesies+headbands+other great creative things in her Etsy store. Anyway, she needed a head model for her beautiful headbands she's going to be putting out soon, and since E seems to cooperate with stuff on her head, she got to do it! I took some pictures of her a couple days ago, but I don't have the heart to finish the pictures with her feeling so sick, so it's on hold. Since it's on hold, I decided to do a little light play with some of them. This is what I did:

This one is my all time favorite. Look at that EYE!

Love this one, too :) So simple

I hadn't edited this one, but it makes me smile. She was done posing for me, so in her fit of tantrum, she turns her arms inward, twists them and pushes down and yells. Love it!

OK, these aren't my pride and joy, but it's close- I was able to clear up some underwater pictures from Hawaii. I liked this one cause of the coral. Who knew coral talked?! I miss that stuff...

Like that pic? Yeah, I took it ;)


Kelly Munns said...

you DID NOT take that last one...but seriously, did you?

Maddy said...

I did take it! It was on the north shore in Maui :D