Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our little girl is smiling more and more lately!! Mainly in the morning when she first gets up, Drew and I usually each get 1 or 2 smiles out of her. Then it's down to business for the rest of the day, and no smiles again til the next day.

Yesterday, we were on our way to run some errands and she was sitting in her car seat ready to go. I had to put on hair accessories so she looked like a girl since she was wearing green and I got a teeny smile out of her while she was waiting!!

This is one later that day. She looked hilarious all wide mouth and passed out. So fun!

Drew is done taking his bar exam and now we have to wait til Sept. 11 for the results! Let's hope and pray things go well and we don't have to deal with him having to retake that brutal test!!


Jocelyn said...

What a cute smile. Fun pictures. Good luck, Drew!

Suki said...

What?! Another blog stalker! ;-) No worries. How else do you find other people? *Complete innocence*

Shel said...

She is smiling cause she knows she is farting in her car seat and going to make it stink.
The one sleeping with her mouth open is a crack up! I love that she is so bald.

Lindsay said...

Hi Maddy,
I just found your blog (after reading Mrs. O's) and wanted to leave a comment. Your little girl is adorable and I love her name. Both mine and Anna's middle names are Elisabeth and we even liked it for a first name, but then she would have been "Ellie Button" and that sounded to much like "belly button". Anyway, glad to see you all are doing well, and I'm so glad you have your job back!

Saw you walking the new bridge with her a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure if you recognized me, but I waved! Hope the rest of your summer goes well!

~Lindsay Button

Maddy said...

Lindsay! I'm glad you found me!! I did recognize you! I couldn't walk fast enough to come say hello too well though! :) The Ellie Button makes me giggle! That's great!