Friday, August 14, 2009

Our trip to Salt Lake

This might be my new favorite picture!

We went down to Salt Lake to visit family for a week and got back a few days ago. That was the most jam-packed trip I think we have ever taken. I think we (on average) got about 5-6 hours a sleep a night and would wake up and get going with something different every single day! It was exhausting!!! We had a ton of fun though, and I actually left missing my family more than I ever have before!

Here's some pictures from the week, I have tons more on shutterfly and facebook if anyone is interested that isn't already one of my 133t friends ;) (or if I don't have your email address)

Cousin Jimmy with Ellie- he was so cute and constantly asked if he could hold her!!! I was in love!

Our little family

The whole family minus Monica and Isaac cause Isaac wouldn't have any of this nonsense!

Me with Elliecakes

This is my favorite picture!! Thanks Michele!!!

I love this dress!- Thank you mom for saving it for me :)

Nana Laurie with Ellie

HAH! Got Michele to wear the brain squisher!

Kenz and Jimmy sportin the Sounders gear!

Chubs watching soccer!

My little girl!

I don't know why Drew's head always gets chopped off, but this was at Ryan and Becky's wedding reception.

Great-Grandma Bricker with our pirate child

Grandma with Ellie

Papa and Jimmy at the Sounders/ReAl game

Jimmy and Ellie - she looks so long!

Goleman's- we hadn't seen them in years! I'm glad we had a chance to hang out!!

We got to pump gas, so we had to take pictures!!

Pumping the gas!

fuzzy, but she was smiling and had to get a picture really fast!

Mike, Drew and Charlie- I think this is the same position they were in at our wedding! I need to go find the pic on the cd and upload it for comparison!

Charlie, Natalie and James! I miss them so much!

I had to pick and choose the pictures and still ended up with a bunch on here. We had a great time visiting family, friends, and eating lots of food. We miss you guys! But I missed my ocean more! hehehehe :) j/k

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Shel said...

What kind of communist state doesn't let you pump your own gas? How the heck are you supposed to top it off if you can't pump your own?
I am so good at taking photos. What would you have done with out me?

We miss you!!!