Monday, August 17, 2009

The Coast

Our little girl asked if we could go see the ocean this weekend, so what would good parents do? Say ABSOLUTELY, of course! Ellie had lots of fun tasting the windy air and wearing her too big for her sun glasses!

It was extremely windy, and perfect for all the kite surfers!

Daddy and his little bundle

Playing in the stream

Say cheese!

First time in the ocean!


Rachael said...

I looove her little fleece jacket!

Shel said...

If I had to wear that much clothing at the beach, I don't think I would go. The best part about the ocean is being mostly nakie!

Evie Wonder said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so cute!! Love the shades!

Suki said...

Cute boots!

Tamara and Jonathan said...

OH my gosh, I love the sunnies! She makes those look GOOD! We miss you guys!!!