Thursday, February 19, 2009


I bought SEEDS! This weekend, I'm going to go grab some soil and start doing some forcing so the plants will be ready for outside in the next couple of months. I am way more excited than I ever have before. I think passing up those tomato plants last year for the Mexico experience made me want to garden really bad. ...or maybe it's my form of nesting? Who knows, who cares, but all I know, is that I'm going to have some delicious watermelon, corn, cucumbers and tomatoes in my little garden this year!

P.S. Just finished watching Lost - you'd think since we have cable (therefore a somewhat working tv)- we'd actually watch it when it comes on, but online, there aren't any commercials, so we still watch it the day after. :) Anyway, I love that show. It drives me CRAZY!

I also started another blanket. Maybe I'll be able to finish this one sooner than I did with the naming blanket. hahaha!

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Shannon & Eli said...

and are we going to get to ee this baby naming blanket?