Saturday, February 14, 2009

My lovies

Our dryer kicked the bucket 2 weeks ago, and we finally got our new washer and dryer on Thursday. Hooray!!!! I am totally in love with them. They are giant, and clean, and bright, and they match everything else in the house! Too bad I didn't get time to paint the laundry closet before they came in. I'm sure I could get Drew to move them out when I'm ready to do that though. What do you think of purple?! --and yeah, they need doors. We have them- those are also hanging out, waiting for a nice painting before installing.

This is also a couple weeks late. Our little screamer was squirming all around a couple weeks ago, and she's gotten quite fierce the last couple of days. She's also putting up one of her arms to hide herself so it makes her look like she's got all random lips and noses. Good news though- she's fat, fat, fat and seems to be growing just the way she should! That's all that matters to me. :)

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Tamara and Jonathan said...

Shut UP! Are those SO AWESOME or what??? Are they Epics? We got ours... um, I don't remember when, like maybe close to a year ago?? And I LOVE 'em. And oh ho ho ho, uh, YEAH. You are gonna be using those babies... Well, keep feeding that little girl cookies and fattening her up for us to all nibble on when she gets here in all her cute baby yumminess...