Thursday, June 24, 2010


I learned yesterday that I like pesto. A lot.
I also learned that you don't have to put pine nuts IN pesto and it still tastes good. (I made one batch with, and one without.)
I also found out that I have a slight allergic reaction to pine nuts. Oh well.
I learned that I'm more OK with a messy house now than I was at this point a year ago.-this honestly shocks me...I thought I'd be worse.
I've learned that after 4 years of leg pain, I can run without hurting.- my muscles have weakened and I'm slow, but I can do it, and that's all that matters.
I'm grateful for double insurance that gave me the opportunity to go to physical therapy for 2.5 months without having to pay anything out of pocket.
I'm grateful for a baby who sleeps through the night, and takes her naps during the day.
I'm grateful to have a nice, safe house to live in, where I can leave my windows and doors open at night and still fall asleep.
Even though my house looks like a tornado swept through it, I'm still happy for the mess because it was made by such a cute little girl.
I think my PPD is waning. I feel more in control of my emotions for the first time in almost 2 years.

Life is good

We went and had Ellie's 1 year pictures taken yesterday. My scanner is doing some artistic cropping so they aren't all regularly sized, but they'll do!

being all flirty with the camera lady

Love, love, love this one!- those cheeks!!!

She was showing off her great standing skills

yay cupcakes! She poked the frosting with her finger, and then scooped a little the next time, put it in her mouth and went-'mmmm, num, num, num!'

I'm such a proud mommy!


Mama Nirvana said...

These pictures turned out so cute!!! I'm happy to hear that you are happy. It seriously takes me nearly two years to recover physically and emotionally from having a baby (plus, throw the pregnancy part in there). It took me three kids to figure that out.


Maddy said...

Yeah, I didn't mention the body aspect of it. I'm sure that'll take a while longer, it's just how my body rolls.

Tamara said...

I love you Maddy. This was an awesome post. HUGS!!