Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 19!

I don't know if we're getting more food than last year, or what, but we're having a difficult time getting through all of it this year.  I finally ended up freezing a ton of corn and I got some green beans from a friend, so I spent 2 hours prepping those last night. I was pooped.

I also like that we don't have to worry about the cantaloupe recall!

OK, so we got spinach, broccoli, those yummy petite plums, garlic, cherry tomatoes, white rose potatoes, acorn squash, peppers, melon...I haven't cut into it yet, I'm guessing it's a cantaloupe, and rome apples. Yum!!

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Suki said...

Jared told me about the cantaloupe recall as we were eating some for dinner. Well, Kaelyn and I were eating it because Jared doesn't eat melon. I figured... oh well, we had eaten some a few days before.