Friday, September 11, 2009

My cabbage patch

When I was little, I think I got the hand-me-down cabbage patch dolls from my older brother and sister. But guess what? I have one of my very own now!

They're practically twins

Hey, look Shel, she isn't crying! HAHAHA

What's this you ask? Well it's my cucumber. I grew it from a seed! It's my only one, but I sure was proud of it! LOL

Anyone know what this animal is?

Shel, this one is for you, tears and all!

And a smile!

and a HOOOO

So as for me and my world- I'm describing it as running around with my head cut off. I wake up at 5am to leave the house by 7am. I pick up Ellie by 3:30, feed her, get her down for a nap, fix dinner, feed her, bathe me, bathe baby, feed her, go to sleep by 9 or 10pm, and do it all over again. Like I said; running around with my head cut off, and I am absolutely exhausted.

We had meetings 2 of the 4 days this week that left me with very little prep time, so I have been pulling stuff together last minute, which I hate- especially at the beginning of the year. Thankfully I made it, and it was a good week. I like how I have learned to be extremely strict for the first little while and won't put up with any guff from the kids so that later I can be a lot more lenient.

Hopefully once I get things in order in the class, and with prep work, I can calm down a bit, but it's definitely going to be a few weeks. If I had known I was doing 2nd grade even a week or two longer than I had, it would be a completely different story.

As for milestones that the wee one has mastered, she has figured out where her eyes are today and has been rubbing them when the sun gets in her eyes, or when she's tired. It is absolutely adorable! She can hold her head up pretty high while on her tummy but hasn't figured out how to roll herself over since all she does is scream like a raptor. Oh well, someday!

Drew's grandpa passed away this week. He lived down in Albany (OR), so we have to head down there tomorrow morning for the services. It's going to be a loooonnnngggg day. Thank goodness for Stake Conference on Sunday!


alfrhnsby said...


D2 said...

It's a nutria

Did you take that pic in your yard?

Maddy said...

ahha! I've never heard of those! We saw them on the side of a parking lot over between costco and the AT&T store on Hawthorn in Salem.

Shel said...

I guarantee Ellie does not want to be a planter and have flowers growing out the top of her head. She doesn't like too look like the wicked witch either and that is why she is crying so hard. As for cabbage patch dolls...I sure as heck never gave you one of mine and I don't think Jimmy ever had his own. Which means you stole my babies from me! Good think you live so far away so I can't come and steal yours.

A-Train said...

It looks like people have beaten me to telling you that the strange animal is a nutria. I'd never seen one until one night leaving work at 12:30 am I was crossing the street and one was right there at the hospital. It turned and looked at me and I seriously thought it was a small possessed beaver that was going to attack me. They are strange animals and I do not like them! I do, however, love your cabbage patch baby! I hope things calm down soon!

Tamara and Jonathan said...

Dang it, I'm so mad that I didn't get to tell you that it's a nutria!!!!! They're like big water rats... nasty!

OH girl, you are burning' it at both ends, aren't you? Hang in there! I'm sure once you get in the swing of things it'll get a little easier.

You DO have a cabbage patch baby! She's way too cute for her own good. I can't decide what's cuter, her smiles or her sad faces!!!!!

Missed seeing you at Stake Conference... it was a zoo. Anytime you want to come over, just invite yourselves... we'd love to see you guys.

<3 and hugs!

Ben's Mom said...

Thanks for the comment! Isn't Deanne wonderful? I hope you are enjouying Lyle. I loved it there. Your little girl is beautiful. Just wiat until she sleeps all night...babies are even more grand then!