Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 3 Months Old-iversary, Elisabeth!

Tomorrow (Monday) Elisabeth will be 3 months old- can you believe it?! Cause I sure can't! I was going through pictures just now and I'm amazed at how much she's grown. It doesn't seem like it until I look at pictures, but wowee- she is just amazing!

She can coo and goo and sigh with the best of them

She can sleep through the night

She is very good at shoving her hands in her mouth, and has recently taken to enjoying licking her left index finger.

She can almost roll over from her tummy to her back (but HATES being on her stomach, so we coddle her a bit too much on this, I'm sure)

She can roll onto her left side from her back, but hasn't quite figured out how to roll completely over.

She can prop herself up on her arms while on her tummy and can consistently hold her neck at a 45 degree angle, and is getting to the 90 degree angle mark here and there.

She smiles for us all the time- but getting a smile on camera is difficult since she's so interested in what we're doing, she'll stop smiling to stare!

We even got her to laugh this past few days which has been exciting.

She enjoys watching her daddy play video games on his computer and strangely enough, enjoys watching football on tv.

She's holding her head up on her own almost all the time, and will even try to pull herself up into a better sitting position with her stomach muscles

She can almost sit up by herself if you position her!

She loves looking at pictures and listening to books

She's tasted (aside from golden milk!) lemon popsicles, dairy queen ice cream, licorice, tortillas and last, but not least, a pickle!

I can't believe how much she's accomplished in such a short amount of time! She is absolutely amazing and I am amzed at how utterly in love I am with her more, and more, every single day!

Showing you her devil horns!

Showing you her gecko and bottle- two favorite things!

Mommy and baby- Ellie forgot to look!

Watching Daddy play his video games!

Showing you her awesome sunglasses!

This was Drew trying to entertain her cause she wasn't feeling well today! hahaha she started crying right when I got the camera out to take a picture!

Happy girl!

Spontaneous family picture, Ellie forgot to look again- and I cut my hair :)

Yay for bath time!!!

Cutie hat!- looking at Great-grandma Bricker

We love you Elliebellies!


Amie said...

She is beautiful and so lucky to have such a great mom!

Brammer Family said...

3 months?!?!

Flippin' Cutie :)